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27 Mart 2012
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Cheap Christian Louboutin (Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)Prof Weber said: “Trump is the start of an infection that could prove fatal. Over time your body just loses its defences and then it becomes sick and you die.”The historian warned that like any disease you don’t always know how it will end until it is too late.He said: “Inadvertently he could destroy the political system of liberal democracy but I don’t think he understands he is in a position to destroy it.”Two protests are planned in Cambridge, one during today’s inauguration organised by Hope not Hate and the other tomorrow (Saturday January 21) organised by Cambridge Stand up to Racism.During the Presidential campaign many comparisons were made to Hitler but Prof Weber believes these diminish the threat of Trump as an individual.He said: “The biggest difference between Donald Trump and Hitler, while both are narcissists, is ultimately Donald Trump has no core political beliefs but Hitler obviously did.”The only similarity to Hitler is his demagogue quality and campaigning method.”Election of Donald Trump ‘reminds us of 1930s Nazi Germany’ says Cambridge headteacherThe inauguration has been ridiculed after many high profile politicians and celebrities have refused to attend or perform including Elton John, John Legend and a Bruce Springsteen tribute band.Donald Trump took to twitter on January 15 to say the inauguration would be ‘bigger than expected’.His Twitter presence is something Prof Weber says adds to his dangerous infectious quality.Prof Weber said: “It’s dangerous because he’s clearly an impulsive person who cares more about perception than policy.He likes the attention Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale} Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, he likes to see himself on the cover of magazines. He’s an insomniac so when he wakes up at 3am he tweets and then he sets the news agenda for the day.”Donald Trump US election victory fuels boom in survival kits and shelters sales in CambridgeThe Aberdeen lecturer also believes that a lack of policy understanding could lead to disaster.He said: “The problem with him is not the crazy ideas he has, he has no ideas, and that is what is particularly dangerous Cheap Christian Louboutin.