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28 Nisan 2014
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24 Nisan 2015

We’ll see. Like movements in literature, painting or other arts, the results cannot be disconnected from the times which produced them. So it is with Brazilian football. I know these guys. We all disappointed and we all know we have to be better from the start.Coach Bruce Boudreau lauded his team five on five play and sounded more relieved than thrilled that most of his team showed up after the passenger train derailed in listless home losses to Vancouver and Philadelphia.always darkest before the dawn as the saying (goes), Boudreau said. Truly believe that.

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A: Roy, the bullpen has been a strength all season, but there’s some vulnerability there, which is what Theo addressed when he added Gagne. Paps acknowledged himself, in an interview with me a day after the Gagne deal, that he wants to see whether his shoulder will stand up to the test of a full season. Meanwhile, Okaji has been a sensation, but he’s never had as heavy a workload as a reliever, and if you count October, there are still three months left.

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