This ride heads west from Jefferson

I found the lump so I said I’m taking charge of it
21 Nisan 2012
With utter disregard for his own safety
24 Nisan 2012

This ride heads west from Jefferson, passing through terrain quite different from that encountered on rides to the east. This route passes over rolling countryside cleared of forests for farms and pastures toward the Lake O’ the Pines. Lake O’ the Pines is among the most popular lake recreation areas in east Texas and is especially prized by bass fishermen.

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This is going to sounds like a dumb question. But I been told that if you purchase a house in the ACT, you don actually own the land you will get something like a 100 year lease from the ACT government. However, if this is true, I don understand the land rent program, in which you can rent the land from the ACT government and at any time purchase the land from them.

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