[/p][/quote]well then the ‘boss of dixons’ is talking garbage

“When forced to live with complete strangers
10 Ekim 2012
Acid is for plumbing, and should NOT be used in electronics
14 Ekim 2012

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Christian Louboutin It was a very long ride 700 kilometres. But it was worth it because we stopped at a little gas station and I had the chance to eat some delicious alfajores. That was one of the best treats I ever had on my birthday. Does no one understand that high streets as we knew them are dead? I work near the high street and never go there because I buy most things in the internet. As for bringing manufacturing back to Britain, let’s do that. I want to pay more for lower quality products. As the boss of Dixons said in a recent TV documentary on retail : Britain had no business being in manufacturing as it couldn’t compete on price or quality.[/p][/quote]well then the ‘boss of dixons’ is talking garbage, which is not really a surprise because it’s all about greed and vested interest. How do you think goods made in the far east are (sometimes) of comparable quality to goods made in europe? it’s because european and US companies have invested billions of dollars and sent over all our expertise to counties such as china and india, simply in order to take advantage of cheap, sometimes slave labour that they thought would last indefinately. This is now beginning to back fire because, surprise surprise, the chinese and others want a standard of living comparable to ours and the costs are starting to creep up. Christian Louboutin

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