Several residents have been left homeless after being evacuated

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8 Mayıs 2013
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14 Mayıs 2013

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Celine Outlet A key road leading to the Coromandel Peninsula has partially opened this afternoon as the district experiences its worst flooding in 10 years.Several residents have been left homeless after being evacuated due to their homes getting damaged by slips as contractors and emergency services work to clear and repair roads.The rising Kauearanga River earlier cut State Highway 25 into Thames, and debris and floods has blocked the Thames Coast Rd but one lane is now open.SEND US YOUR WEATHER PHOTOS AND VIDEOSPolice are urging motorists to avoid the area as the weather worsens and the tide starts to rise again.Live: Widespread flooding affects East Auckland, CoromandelThe New Zealand Transport Agency asks motorists to drive with “extra care” as there is flooding in the northbound lane.SH25 at Whiritoa remains closed because of slips.The road is closed at Whangamata, Tairua, between Kereta to Touma, and at Whitianga because of flooding.The Karangahake Gorge between Waihi to Paeroa, which was briefly closed after a blocked culvert began to flood, is now open. Drivers should continue to take extra care.Thames Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie said it was the worst flooding the district has experienced in 10 years.”What compounds is it [is] a tide that is going to turn in half an hour. So on a low tide with flooding and areas impassable and then there the tide starts to come in there’s nowhere for the water to go. Celine Outlet

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