Such clues would allow prompt and effective early treatment

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19 Haziran 2012
Pitcher Kaera Wyse was named Player of the Game for North
4 Temmuz 2012

“He has just matured a lot as a player,” said senior linebacker Jalen Reeves Maybin, one of four team captains. “He’s a lot more focused I would say this year than he was last year. He is working every day. Last GameEarthquakes 1, New York Red Bulls 0; Oct. Ryan Johnson provided the lone goal, his 10th of the season, which came on a penalty kick in the 24th minute. The Earthquakes applied some early pressure and almost broke through in the fifth minute on a corner kick.

They haven’t had any break ins since. Residents concerned about break ins are sharing what they see on Facebook. Westrick said while social media plays an important role, reporting the information to police and having a neighborhood watch group, can help actually reduce crime on the streets.

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