“The exponential growth in data and technologies means Valocity

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Christian Louboutin Replica Machine learning, data factories, big data and data visualisations are part of Valocity’s toolbox enabling its data scientists and developers to quickly build market leading solutions.Valocity Founder and CEO Carmen Vicelich says the company is honoured to receive the Callaghan Innovation grant which will support Valocity’s fast paced, technology innovation growth plan.”The exponential growth in data and technologies means Valocity has a huge opportunity to provide clients with game changing insight and solutions. Callaghan Innovation’s R growth grant further accelerates our ability to combine Kiwi ingenuity with data and technology to deliver world class solutions to businesses both in New Zealand and internationally.”Mrs Vicelich says Callaghan Innovation plays a vital role in New Zealand’s growth.The Valocity platform allows users to access information on any address in New Zealand in real time to make informed lending decisions which includes a computer generated, automated valuation model of the value of the property to enable a relevant conversation. The platform also generates various customisable reports Replica Christian Louboutin, streamlining information that previously had to be searched in multiple places, and allows a full market valuation inspection to be ordered electronically from a qualified valuer Christian Louboutin Replica.