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Not that Trump didn have his fumbles. His answers, though better than usual, were mostly just old GOP talking points that he still managed to garble. He keeps talking about mischevious Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal like he some sort of household name.

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Celine Bags Replica What is the Common Core? OK Cheap Celine Bags, so what is the relationship between the Common Core and my kid’s math homework? Why do we need the Common Core? Where did the Common Core come from? Who is behind it? You didn’t mention the federal government. What was its role in creating the standards? What do “standards” mean? Are they the same as curricula? What are the standards replacing? Are the Common Core standards harder than my state’s old standards? Do other countries do this? What do the standards mean for math? What do the standards mean for English? What’s an “informational text”? How are Common Core standards affecting state tests? What is the “assessment cliff”? How is Common Core affecting my kid’s school (teachers, districts)? Who is for the Common Core standards? Who is against them? What happened in Indiana? What other states have dropped the Common Core? Is the Common Core by any other name still the Common Core? What is the difference between “Common Core” and “Common Core aligned”? Who is making money from the Common Core? Do the standards require schools to collect data on their students? Opponents of the Common Core argue that it tells teachers what to teach. Is this true? How do teachers unions feel about the Common Core? How will we know if all of this is working?. Celine Bags Replica

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